Mayflower Academy

We love to work with artists and when we can bring extra talent into the mix we always will, art plays a very important part in the fabric of society and whilst art clearly can't bring about world peace it can definitely make day to day life a lot more pleasant. 

We worked with local school Mayflower Academy, this is a school in one of the poorest areas of our city but with one of the best reputations for outstanding education. Our role was to turn a drab fence into something more interesting and after a couple of meetings it started to feel like creating an art installation of some kind would be the way forward. In total six illustrators were brought into the mix, we enabled with some linking panels, a solid project outline and we managed the process, we also managed the print and installation.

Since installation some lights were added and whilst you'd perhaps expect the installation to be a prime target for vandals actually the locals love it, they're proud of it and it still looks great 18 months on.

Waves of Education by Lock Ness
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