Black Cat Surf Club

When we do an internal project we don't hold back! Shred Creative is part of a bigger company, Shred or Dead Ltd, and in October 2020 - right before the second Covid 19 lockdown we opened our second cafe location in Plymouth... Black Cat Surf Club. Opened on a tight budget, in a short time scale in a fairly sterile space the immediate impact was felt, the local community welcomed us in.

The location is in a fairly unglamorous suburb of Plymouth, a 1960s shopping precinct to be exact but what it lacks in charm it makes up for in community spirit. We wanted to create a new brand that was friendly, sounded cool, had an aura of magic around it and of course looked great. The location is a cafe and retail space, the branding has already spilled onto clothing, packaging, the external signage, the website and advertising material.

The branding was hand rendered, the cat is actually based around a cat from a 1920s advert, the text was hand drawn to be completely unique.

Why the Black Cat? Well in part it was because black cats are the least likely cats to be picked at the shelter, this resonates with surfing's subculture context but also we have a black cat, Greta and we've never been afraid to name a business after a pet.

Black Cat Surf Club is located at 31 The Broadway, Plymstock, Plymouth. PL9 7RU

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