Our History


Part I

It all began on a friend's lounge floor, on a borrowed BT landline with a whole load of promises being offered in return for advertising revenue to create the first ever Shred or Dead mountain bike magazine. This magazine grew, and grew, we nearly sold it twice, it grew some more and then in 2007 we decided to do more than just offer advertising in a magazine and we started Shred Creative. Initially to support our magazine clients but word got out.


Part II

You don't get to do what you love for 25 years without doing something right. The creative business is tough, the demand for fresh ideas, new technology and an inherent understanding of what helps businesses grow, and succeed, is at the very heart of what we do. We've trained, retrained and retrained again, when we started websites were barely invented yet today we're producing sites at the forefront of technology. We're branding companies that we dreamed of working with and we're seeing the companies that were just seeds when we started now grow into mighty oaks. Of course it's been a bumpy ride, but that's how business goes, thankfully we started young.

What We Do


Everything we do - creativity comes first. We're creative thinkers, we're honest, we're focussed and we're fair. For us the end result is far more important than the invoice and we want every single project to be good enough to help close the deal on the next one. We want our client's businesses to succeed because that brings us success and given we have never really advertised we understand the importance of this.

We can guide you into a digital future - where your online and offline marketing work in perfect harmony, where your sales channels connect to save time and money, where your metrics are live and you can run your business in a way that you have never been able to run it before. We're focussed creative project managers. We design adverts for magazines and create advertising campaigns, we design websites, eye catching emails, help our customers with e-commerce and highly evolved point of sale systems or develop exhibition spaces and retail interiors. We are creative thinkers first, we help business owners plan and execute their creative strategy. We also love a fun project.

"We are creative thinkers first, we help business owners plan and execute their creative strategy."

Our Services


We have designed everything from magazines, packaging and exhibition stands to wetsuits, surfboards, bike graphics and store merchandise. We build dozens of websites every year using either Webflow for high end, fast, responsive graphics focussed sites (like our own) or Shopify for class leading e-commerce solutions.


At the centre of everything we do is a project and those projects always need management. We're accomplished project managers, our clients trust us to deliver results, whether that be a stunning online launch, an exhibition stand in the centre of Paris, or a 160 page printed catalogue.


Our depth of both knowledge and experience is our major asset. Our creative director is Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, across our team we have experts in all areas of design, print, online, IT systems and project management. If there's a problem we can usually get to the bottom of it, if there's a need for growth we can help plan. We're here to help.

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