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S2 Group Services

Branding & Website for Mechanical Engineers

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Royal Marines Shop

Something hoofing' happening in Shopify for the RM Shop

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Mayflower Academy

We love to work with artists and when we can bring extra talent into the mix we always will, art plays a very important part in the fabric of society and whilst art clearly can't bring about world peace it can definitely make day to day life a lot more pleasant. 

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Black Cat Surf Club

When we do an internal project we don't hold back! Shred Creative is part of a bigger company, Shred or Dead Ltd, and in October 2020 - right before the second Covid 19 lockdown we opened our second cafe location in Plymouth... Black Cat Surf Club. Opened on a tight budget, in a short time scale in a fairly sterile space the immediate impact was felt, the local community welcomed us in.

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